Millard Public School Superintendent @jsutfin – When Opportunity Knocks Open the Door


The start of the 2015-16 school year is full of opportunity for our young people.  We are blessed to live in a community that values education and I want to share with you some key items.  Please share this blog with others as we are working to reach out to our Millard families.

Early College:  We opened the doors to Early College at Millard South. The program is full, and the students are excited.  UNO donated money so that every student in the Early College Program has a laptop computer. This is one of our pilot groups as we look at what school would be like if we provided every secondary student with a device.  As students in the Early College graduate from MSHS they will also graduate with their Associate of Arts Degree.  The cost savings for college is real as the Millard Public Schools Foundation and Metro Community College and Peter Kiewit Foundation have partnered with us to make college affordable.  Opportunity is knocking and 250 of our students are answering the door! 

Raising the Bar:  Last year we opened AP Human Geography to freshman. We were confident (and a little nervous) about how the students would perform.  After receiving the results of the AP Exam, we now know that our freshmen are more than capable of meeting our high expectations. Nearly 200 freshmen took the AP Human Geography exam and scored an average of better than 3.1. If you are not aware of AP scoring, a 3 is awesome!  The freshman did as well as the sophomores, juniors and seniors! The work the MPS staff is doing PK-12 is making this high level learning and achievement possible.

MPS Mobile App:  Thanks to the generous sponsorship of Hy-Vee, Vintage Financial Group, and Children’s Hospital and Medical Center, the MPS Mobile App is free to our community. If you haven’t downloaded the App, you are missing out. Simply type in Millard in the Google or Itunes store to download.  The App is quickly becoming a primary communication tool, and I want you to know about our schools. Whether you have children in the District or not the MPS app will keep you up to date.   

I hope each student in Millard takes the opportunity that is given to them to prepare themselves to be career and college ready.  Thank you for supporting MPS!  #proud2bMPS

One thought on “Millard Public School Superintendent @jsutfin – When Opportunity Knocks Open the Door

  1. Jim you are doing a great job!! All five of our children graduated from Millard South High School, now we have grandchildren in the Millard system? Keep up the good work!!

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