Kindness Matters


I admit it. I am a social media junkie.  I love to see what is going on in the world and particularly around the school district  and community.  Twitter is by far my favorite tool and one that I use daily.

I hear people say that social media makes bullying worse.  Honestly, I don’t know if it does or does not. We are certainly more connected.  What I know is that bullying stinks and it has been around well before cell phones and social media.   We spend a lot of time and energy on identifying, preventing, and reporting bullying.  I think maybe we got it wrong.  

We try to label bullying.  We try to stop bullying. We teach people to report bullying.  Maybe we could spend our energy on kindness.  It just seems so much simpler.  If we each applied the one question test and held everybody around us to that same standard, we would no doubt create a culture of kindness.  It just feels better to build something instead of prevent something.

The One Question Test

Was my last action kind?   

Kindness really matters. It is time to change the conversation and focus on an action that we can all take – treating each other with kindness.  This will only be done when leaders decide that kindness matters most.  I hope if you read this, you will be that leader.