Reflections from My Student Advisory

I don’t know if you are aware or not, but several times during the course of the year I meet with 12 high school students as part of my student advisory. They are an awesome group of students.
Today, the meeting was really powerful and I want to share with you several things that were said because I believe they pertain to all of us.
Students talked openly about the divide they perceive in our country and how as adults we need to remind everybody that there is no place for hate in our schools.
Students talked about some of their friends having very real fears around the ‘sense of belonging’ and how adults need to remind and model for everybody that all students are welcome in our schools.
Students shared that a sense of belonging is powerful to all people and it is multiplied when they can be involved in an activity or sport.
Students shared that this election has been long and intense and it did not matter what side you lined up on criticism of your beliefs/support would happen.
Students talked about how social media has been a battleground of opinion and that they are watching ‘faceless’ battles. In other words, it is easier to say mean things because you don’t have to face the person.  They believe that people need to remember that opinions should be respected and that the emotional outbursts should be tempered.
I was reminded in the meeting how important our Millard Public School Beliefs are to our students, staff and community. A few that rang loud today…
  • Each individual has worth.
  • Our greatest resource is people.
  • All people are entitled to a safe, caring and respectful environment.
  • Educated and engaged citizens are necessary to sustain our democratic society.
  • Sharing and developing character is the share responsibility of the individual, family, school and community.
I want to thank you for taking the time to read this as well as do what you do best – creating a culture of learning for all.  Feel free to share this where appropriate.

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