5 Tips for a Successful School Year

Spend 3 minutes reading this article to have a better school year. On Wednesday of this week you will be a year smarter, a year older, and a year advanced in school.  The challenge will also be greater – and it should be. You are preparing for your future and each year you gain knowledge, experience, and  skills.  Do you want to have your best year ever?  Try these five things

Over Prepare for the First Exams:  Your job is to learn how to learn and to know that you know.  You likely haven’t had this teacher and you want to nail the first exam. Over prepare!  Treat it like the only grade in the class and go into it prepared and confident.  If you know that you don’t know, you are leaving things to luck. That is not a good way to start.  Classes get simpler once you have established your learning pattern, but you have to establish it right away.

Seek Help:  If you have a question, seek out help.  There is a key to this. Ask the teacher when is the best time to get help.  DO NOT go to class and ask two minutes before the bell rings.  That looks disingenuous and feels rushed.  Asking a teacher for help in a manner that respects their time and knowledge builds a positive relationship!

Communicate with your Parents:  When you do well, tell your parents.  Report daily or at least weekly on how you are doing. Find that one thing each day that makes the school day memorable and share it.  This means you get to lead the conversation! Honestly, it takes the pressure off. It also lets your parents know that you are interested in your future.  Even when you don’t do as well as you like, share. Because you have shared the good, your parents will know that you are trying. None of us ever got through school without some sort of failure. It is part of the process. What isn’t part of the process and only causes stress, lack of trust, and negativity is hiding the results until it is too late.

Be In Charge of Your Own Learning:  Be in charge! This is your opportunity. This is your chance to develop your skills for your future.  Knowing that you know and learning how to learn is challenging.  You can only be successful when you apply the rule that Effort=Results.  Be the one this year that takes charge!

Think about the Semester Final: Yes, that is right. Think about where you want to be at the end of the semester. You can’t get from A to Z without going through B, C, D. It is part of the process of learning.  I can tell you this, Winter Break is a lot sweeter when you go into it feeling good about your effort and results.

Have a great school year. I look forward to learning about your many successes! Be sure to say hello when I see you around the school district.